Horizon Retail Construction Interns Jobsite Visit

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Horizon Retail Construction Interns Jobsite Visit

During week 2 of the Summer internship the project manager interns took 2 site visits to a Bath & Body Works in Deer Park, IL and a Victoria’s Secret in Skokie, IL.  The interns were accompanied by the Project Manager of the projects, Tyler Anderson, and Senior PM’s Austin Hayes and Trey Sigel.  The first visit was to a finished store but the second was in progress and contractors were at work during the visit which gave an opportunity to see retail construction in action. An intern on the trip stated that their favorite part of the trip was “seeing the project in person” giving the intern that visual from the plans to brick and mortar – it really makes a difference. The interns were also able to meet with the project superintendent. A superintendent is the backbone of the project, someone who oversees the progress from start to finish and makes sure things are in order. The interns were also able to learn about mall relations – something that is crucial to the project. The superintendent and the mall meet and make sure the project is up to code and building regulations. It is always important to keep the project on schedule.


Internship Program

Horizon Retail Construction Intern training is provided twice a week for the entirety of their summer program to help give as much information and practical experience to all of the interns at one time. The classroom style training, with open communication, was designed by Horizon to try to reach and involve all the trainees.  We are proud of this program and usually have a total of about 10 interns participate each Summer.

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