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We’re Licensed in All 50 States

Horizon Retail Construction is registered throughout all 50 states, where we hold our own local licensing. Our team are experts from conception and planning through buildout and closeout, while abiding by strict schedules and deadlines to keep in step with our clients’ goals.
We have the capacity to mobilize our teams immediately on any project to ensure on-time completion, eliminating or minimizing affects to your company’s timelines or daily routines.

We complete jobs of all sizes and work to establish long-time relationships with our clients rather than just completing one project and moving on to the next.

Number of jobs per State 2019-2021

Total Number of Jobs 4,108.
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  • High Volume = 75+
  • Low Volume 74<

Start Your Brand toward a Successful Future Today

At Horizon Retail Construction, we are brand builders, committed to excellence on each project with lasting results from process to deliverable because our clients and their satisfaction matter to us.
Let us help you take your brand to the next level, whether a new location build out, remodel, or rebranding. Call us at 262-638-6000 or fill out our form to request a bid on your upcoming project or learn more about us today!
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