Horizon Retail Construction Interns Jobsite Visit 2024

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Horizon Retail Construction Interns Jobsite Visit 2024

During week 1 of the Summer Internship, the project manager interns visited a job site in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The interns visited a Bath & Body Works accompanied by Project Manager Sean Osborne, and Senior Project Managers Austin Hayes and Trey Sigel. During the time of the visit the construction process was in week 4 and the expected completion of the project is the week of July 1st. A Project Management Intern on the trip said, “I learned valuable information from the PM’s and the super on the job site, the hands-on experience helped me understand the process.” Some of the key points they discussed on the trip were reviewing each scope of the job. For example, the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and the fire safety procedures. Another Project Manager Intern on the trip said the key takeaway from the trip was how important client relationships are and how that tie into how successful a project is, also that scheduling is a key factor that plays into a project’s success.

Internship Program

Horizon Retail Construction Intern training is provided twice a week for the entirety of their summer program to help give as much information and practical experience to all of the interns at one time. The classroom style training, with open communication, was designed by Horizon to try to reach and involve all the trainees.  We are proud of this program and usually have a total of about 10 interns participate each Summer.

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