Horizon Retail Construction building toward the future with their intern program.

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Horizon Retail Construction building toward the future with their intern program.

Interns at Horizon Retail Construction are encouraged to grow while expanding their knowledge for their summer program. The hands-on experience provides the necessary tools and resources for Horizon interns to gain as much practical knowledge as they can. Horizon’s President Patrick Christensen wants his interns to touch all the aspects of a construction project start to finish. With the way Horizon is designed and how involved the internship program is, interns can operate their own project and are even encouraged to.

There are currently 11 interns in the program, 9 directly working the construction side and 2 in the marketing department. The goal of the intern program is not to just provide a job for the summer, it’s to do as much as the company can to grow these individuals. Running the intern training is Senior Project Manager Bill Van Dam, who as one of the most experienced employees at Horizon, organizes what the interns will learn. The training is provided twice a week for the entirety of their summer program to help give as much information to all the interns at one time. The classroom style training with open communication was designed by Horizon to try to reach and involve all the trainees. Each training is provided by a veteran current employee, who after providing the knowledge and training, leaves the room to do those tasks they just taught.


You can read all about the intern program in the Journal Time’s article attached below.

Horizon Retail Construction in Sturtevant is preparing interns for a brighter future | Local News | journaltimes.com

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