Guarantee Your Commercial Remodel is a Success

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Guarantee Your Commercial Remodel is a Success

Remodeling projects are often required for commercial buildings. Learn five ways you can make sure your next commercial remodeling project is done the right way.

If you own a commercial building, chances are you’ll have to remodel at some point. Safety and health codes are often changing, and buildings need to be remodeled to meet new standards. Owners also may be looking to increase property value or simply update the look of their commercial building. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to know to keep in mind while planning a remodeling.

Here are five tips you should use to make sure your commercial remodeling goes off without a hitch.

1. Let your Contractor Supply the Materials

You might be tempted to cut costs by supplying your own materials, but doing so will leave you without a warranty. This also means you won’t have any control on the cost of overages, breakage, or waste of materials. Additionally, you could miss out on a potential discount that is only available through the contractor.

2. Minimize Changes

Anticipate potential changes as much as you can so you aren’t faced with unexpected challenges during the remodeling process. Changing your plans once work has already begun is usually much more costly than making those changes when all the remodeling is still on paper. Find out about the local laws and if you’ll need a permit before the renovation. Because of the confusing nature of construction permits and laws, it is important to stay knowledgeable on the variations between properties.

Patrick Christensen, President at Horizon Retail Construction, says,“We want to reduce change order writing later because our customers don’t like it… Our attention to detail as it pertains to paperwork is very strong. We’re great at managing licenses, permits and taxes. Surprises are not fun in our business. Nobody wants to be surprised of anything. Transparency is a big part of why we’re successful.”

3. Be Decisive

When trying to pick between different artistic options, it can be easy to lose yourself in the different choices. Don’t delay the process because you can’t make up your mind. Make your choice and move on, this will save you money and keep you on schedule.

4. Clear the Building

If you have employees, tenants or customers occupying your building while it’s being renovated, this is going to draw out the remodeling process and cost you money overall. Studies show that remodeling projects carried out with staff on site can take up to twice as long to complete. Set aside a specific time for the project and make sure all employees, tenants, etc. know the building is shut down during that time. The more room your workers have to do their job, the better.

5. Manage Wisely

Micromanaging your project will only hinder its progress. Every time you visit the job site to take stock of things, the project is halted and workers have to get out of the way for you or even leave the site due to safety reasons. Leave your commercial remodeling project in the hands of your project manager. If you need to visit the site, make sure to schedule your meetings well in advance and keep your interruptions down to one hour per week.

Commercial remodeling can be required for any number of reasons, whether you’re keeping in line with new health codes, or trying to bring in more revenue, getting your remodeling project done quickly and neatly will save you money. Once you hire a retail construction company like Horizon Retail Construction, you need to know some general rules to follow to maximize the efficiency of the process.

Follow the five tips in this article and you should find your remodeling project going off without a hitch, leaving you with extra cash in your pockets, and a hassle-free remodeling job.

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